This webinar will offer tips for providing effective records management training for state agency employees. Guest presenters will discuss their experiences providing records management training in a large state agency (DSHS), medium-sized state agency (ERS), and state university (UT Austin), and the types of training they offer, including email and e-records training, their training objectives and intended audiences, and the special challenges they face, such as training employees in other parts of the state.

CE Hours: 1.0

Erica Wilson
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In this webinar, City of Austin Corporate Records Analysts Debra Korty and Alexander Webb will teach you how to determine the size and scope of your records management team, how to use existing staff or create hired positions to gain needed experience, how to use accessible resources to create learning opportunities, and how to encourage staff to make use of opportunities to move up the records management career ladder.

CE Hours: 1.0

A difficult obstacle to a successful records management program is creating clear channels of communication. To overcome this time-honored challenge, Denton County Records Management created a Records Liaison Officer program to aid the flow of information to the more than 50 departments that we serve. This case study shows how the launch, and eventual revamping, of this program has impacted records management across Denton County.

Denton County has found that simple methods, such as developing a clear message, using one-on-one consultations, and addressing individual needs of departmental liaisons, builds trust and collaboration that aids in the flow of information. This presentation also discusses helpful tools for liaison management, including infographic tools to creatively format policy information and assessment tools to gather data and feedback from liaisons. An application of these lessons-learned could enhance the customer experience for records administrators both with and without liaison programs.

CE Hours 1.0