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Agency head

The appointed or elected official who serves by the state constitution, state statute, or action of the governing body of a state agency as the chief executive and administrative officer of a state agency.

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Aperture card

A card with a rectangular opening(s) into which 16mm/35mm microfilm frames can be inserted, mounted, or pre-mounted.

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Archival state record

A state record of enduring value that will be preserved on a continuing basis by the Texas State Library and Archives Commission or another state agency until the state archivist indicates that based on a reappraisal of the record it no longer merits further retention.

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Archives and Information Services division of the commission.

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The process of reviewing, verifying, evaluating and reporting on an organization, system, process, project or product.

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Audit Trail

In a records and archives environment, a record showing the transactions within an information management system providing evidence of activities, such as who has accessed a computer system and when, what operations he or she has performed during a given time and the resulting changes to records or information.

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In a records and archives environment, the quality of being genuine and not corrupted or altered. The authenticity of a record is typically inferred from internal and external evidence, including the physical characteristics, structure, content and context of that record.

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The process of copying a computer file or collection of files to a second medium, usually on a diskette or magnetic tape, so that the data are safe in case the original file is damaged or lost. The resulting copy is also called a backup. Backup copies are usually stored on devices that can be removed from the computer and kept separately from the originals.

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Backward compatible

The ability of a software program or piece of hardware to access, read and use data files created using previous versions of the software or hardware.

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A quantity of chemicals or film which has been prepared at one time, and which has been identified through labeling or through other means by the manufacturer as a batch or lot.

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